headshot of caitlin holding video camera
close up headshot of caitlin holding video camera

A little about me...

Upon graduation from the University of Tennessee, I worked as a fashion photographer until I was wooed to the Holy City by the charm of the lowcountry. I moved to Charleston and have since pursued a newer love – Super 8 film.  My interest in Super 8 stemmed from a love for the grainy, textured look of film photography that always catches my eye. What makes Super 8 film so special is its nostalgic look. I focus on capturing the emotions of the day, which is why the end product will tug at your heartstrings every time you watch it! It’s a fun way to preserve the heart of the day, the reason for the event, and the love and support showeredon a couple as they commit to each other forever. Contrary to the traditional silent nature of Super 8, my films are unique because I add audio of the vows in addition to the couple’s favorite songs to their final video. 

My working style is subtle, yet interactive. I focus primarily on capturing the natural, candid interactions between the bride and groom throughout the day, but encourage them to interact with a cute gesture or smile when it fits. I’m able to create a comfortable environment where the couple can enjoy their day without feeling like they have to perform for the camera.

Getting to celebrate people and their milestones is the reason I love photographing and filming. Whether it's your wedding day, a birthday, or the day you finally get to bring home a child that you've been waiting to adopt, I strive to give visual forms of your memories as an eternal reminder of how you felt in those love-filled moments! 

I'm open to shooting anything you're heart desires and would love to chat with you about your event, product, or just documenting your family life. Head over to my Contact page to shoot me an email with your requests. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photographs by Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC.

...and here's an iphone video just for fun of my sister/photo extroidinaire and me biking around the Holy City!